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Tip #5: Take Criticism Like It’s Your Job (It Is)

So, here’s the inside scoop on the Awesomepreneur eHouse–it’s not done yet. What you see today (as of September 8, 2012) is heartwork in the making–a perfectly imperfect blog in progress. Right when I thought I was done with RKA ink’s new home, I started noticing glitches in different browsers (and proceeded to freak out). […]

Tip #1: Take More Breaks, Dance More Salsa

For the last month, I’ve been buried in projects, the latest being my own re-design, which just about melted my brain. After finishing a big batch of new designs, I immediately started re-building RKA ink with a cruel, self-imposed deadline of a “few days” (see my maiden post) for graphics, design, content, and re-branding. Um, […]