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Silent R in RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Introducing the Silent R in RKA ink

Two years ago, I helped strengths coach Brent O’Bannon compile and edit interviews for his book, Married To Your Boss. We sifted through hours of interviews with ten different couples in various stages of business together and, in the process, I became an unwitting aficionado of all things couplepreneur. Life has done this to me […]

Big Hairy Monster RKA ink Web Design with Heart

Tip #24: Attack Your Big, Hairy, Ass-Kicking Monsters Now

My mentor, strengths coach Brent O’Bannon, loves to talk about BHAGs: James Collins and Jerry Porras’ famous acronym for big, hairy, audacious goals. Realizing your BHAG is all about daring to believe that your wildest dreams will come true, putting these dreams on paper, and designing a strategic plan that will allow them to come […]