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Tip #32: Know When To Ask For Help

Today’s tip is a testament to the positive power of social media: shared by my social media muse (and yesterday’s guest awesomepreneur!) Kim Leamer Maleski on Facebook chat, inspired by a mutual strengths enthusiast and Gallup Facebook groupie Gavin Cargill, founder of Value the Person International. Over the last year, Facebook has become one of […]

Tip #29: Don’t Confuse Caring For Your Clients With Carrying Them

When I re-branded RKA ink, I wanted to showcase what I do best, not just my menu web services but the quality of care I provide each and every client, hence web design with heart. The type of online marketing services I offer my clients–website development, eBooks and product design, content writing, social media strategy–all […]

Tip #13: Share Your Story

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What’s your story? Fiiiiiiiine. I’ll go first. In January, my dear friend Raquel and I, along with 500+ heartists/awesomepreneurs from across the world, experienced the transformative power of storytelling at the 2do Encuentro Latinoamericano de Teatro del Oprimido (the Second Latin American Reunion of the Theatre of the […]

Tip #8: Stand Up, Speak Up, Don’t Settle

Early Monday morning, thousands of awesomepreneurs from the Chicago Teachers Union took their heartwork to the streets with red shirts and raised fists. Of course, just as we have surrendered to the notion that hard work should hurt, many of us see standing up and speaking up for our rights–instead of swallowing, settling, and submitting […]