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8 Awesome People You Need To Know

Since launching Awesomepreneur, our weekly Awesomepreneurs We Love spotlight has become my favorite blog series–yours, too, it seems. Our interviews with awesomepreneurs across the world are the most-trafficked posts on our site, which couldn’t make me happier because it means I’m hooking you up with some amazing people whose wisdom you might not otherwise enjoy. […]

Tip #10: Sharpen Your Ax

A little over a month ago, I received this email from a fellow Masterminder/strengths ambassador. After we finished Brent O’Bannon’s Strengths Mastermind Program, we made an eDeal to trade talents and support each others’ businesses but I was slacking on my side of the bargain, using my “busy” schedule as an excuse. This message, which […]