Heartbleed ≠ Web Design With Heart (And How To Protect Yourself)

By now you may have heard about Heartbleed: a major security bug that could put your passwords and personal information at risk. As your web designer, I wanted to reach out and encourage you to check out the following resources about Heartbleed and check the Heartbleed Hit List for the passwords you need to change now!

Cliff’s Notes? Make sure you change your passwords for:

And, most importantly…WordPress!
Click here for what you need to know about Heartbleed from

Click here for the Heartbleed Hit List for password changes

Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions about how you can protect your site and your information from the Heartbleed security bug.

Last but not least, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you that in order to further protect clients and their sites from security bugs, malware, and viruses of any kind, RKA ink is in the process of transitioning our sites to managed WordPress hosting with built in virus protection, free cleanups, and automatic backup and restore (say goodbye to pesky plugins — it’s built in!)

In addition to being the safest environment for your WordPress website, managed hosting also boasts 3-4x higher site speeds (it’s true! our sites are running faster than ever) and expert WordPress support.

If you’re interested in migrating your site to managed WordPress hosting, drop us a line and let’s talk about how to protect AND turbocharge your website!

Now go change those passwords!!!

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